BIOCHAR? What is THAT???

Biochar is a fine-grained, highly porous charcoal substance that is distinguished from other charcoals in it’s intended use as a soil amendment. Biochar is charcoal that has been produced under conditions that optimize certain characteristics deemed useful in agriculture, such as high surface area per unit of volume and low amounts of residual resins. The particular heat treatment of organic biomass used to produce biochar contributes to its large surface area and its characteristic ability to persist in soils with very little biological decay (Lehmann and Rondon 2006).

Now in English?

Biochar is the best amendment for your garden soil.  It is a permanent and natural carbon that holds onto the 3 things that plants require from the soil,   


By making or purchasing biochar you are permanently improving your garden and farm soil, 100,000,000 year half-life (Geological time scales).  Turn biology into geology in your own back yard.  

Perfect for the Small Farm or Homestead

Biochar has so many functions to help improve your farm that you need to implement a small scale production system to turn your woody waste into this valuable material.  Water Filtration.  Sanitizer for fecal and kitchen waste.  Animal feed supplement.  Farm animal manure management.  Air filtration.   Composting additive and extender.  Lightener for potting soils.  Fertilizer/trace element carrier.  Carbon soil amendment/drought prevention.  Humidity regulation and building insulation.  Pesticide absorber in water runoff.  Detoxification medication.  Food conservation agent.

Biochar Workshops & Demonstrations

BAMBOO BIOCHAR SUNDAY, in coordination with     

Sunday July 28th, Sunday September 29th:  Bamboo Biochar Demonstration Join us for a full site tour at Creation Village World School in Celebration, Florida.   The plan is to run the 2ft mini kiln, fed with precut bamboo for a more relaxed experience.  We will run the demonstration burn, talk biochar, food forests, bamboo,  permaculture, rewilding education and give Shanti a hand cleaning up the bamboo.  Bring a snack to share and a water bottle.    9:00AM-12:00+

TO REGISTER:  Send a message through the contact form below.  

Ready to learn, but can’t make a public workshop?  Host a Biochar Workshop at your garden.  ($600 USD) Biochar Burn Ring, Educational Presentation, Hands-On Workshop for 14+ participants, Seasoned Bamboo Firewood and 55 Gallons of Bamboo Biochar.  See contact form at bottom of page.    

Bamboo Biochar

Flame Cap Kilns can burn any brushy wood waste, but Florida’s clumping bamboos are our favorite.  Bamboo makes the best biochar, 80% carbon content, high silica and diverse pore sizes, perfect for beneficial microorganisms.  Harvesting bamboo is safer than felling trees, lighter and the wood dries quickly.  Bamboo grows 6 times faster than trees and a newly planted clump is harvested at year 5 and every year after.  Plant clumping bamboos.  Bambusa Oldhamii, Bambusa Malingensis and Bambusa Ventricosa are our favorite Florida Friendly bamboos to plant for biochar production systems on homesteads and farms, they are inexpensive, edible, provide great windbreaks, drop significant mulch and are readily available at every bamboo plant nursery across Florida.  Please visit for bamboo starts, advice and large installations in Florida, USA.

Biochar Sales


13 gallon nursery pots (75USD) 

Pickup by appointment in Groveland, Florida or at Lake Permaculture monthly meetings.  Purchases help fund continued biochar educational outreach. Discounted for BTC and open to barter. 

Biochar Flame Cap Kilns or Burn Rings

Pyramid Kilns ($380) make 55 gallons, burn hot with no cold corners and looks great in your backyard.  They are built from 12gauge steel, open bottom and finished with linseed oil.   

35-inch Burn Ring included with Workshop ($600) makes 60 gallons, made from salvaged culvert pipe, 1/2″ to 3/8″ steel, 35inches across, 20inches tall, wire brushed and coated with linseed oil. (only 1 left) 

Oregon Forestry Kiln ($1150)  makes 260 Gallons, made from 12gauge steel, water tight with 1-1/2″ drain plug, 60inches x 60inches x 24inches deep, finished with linseed oil.   We also rent our production kiln to local farms.    

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